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Buffalo Nutritional information
So why eat Buffalo? The taste of the water buffalo meat is very similar to beef but it is considered a healthier alternative because buffalo meat contains less fat and cholesterol, and more protein than beef. Water Buffalo is known for its nutritional qualities and it is also known for having high levels of Omega 3, a fatty acid that is commonly found in marine and plant oils. Compared to other meats such as beef, water buffalo is significantly lower in saturated fats and has approximately 43% less cholesterol (Australian buffalo industry council inc report). Buffalo meat fat is white and buffalo meat is always darker in colour because of more pigmentation or less intramuscular fat (marbling in the meat).

According to Italian researchers, people who have substituted water buffalo meat for cattle meat for 12 months showed decreases in cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduced inflammation, and lower blood pressure (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 64: 1000-1006, Sept 2010). Findings suggest that water buffalo meat could be recommended as a safer and healthier